More great photos from A Mouse Upon the Sands in Estonia with her SWANclothing XL Louche tote. P.S. the title is her’s.

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i’m kind of very blown away by the new photos Rhiannon posted of her SWANclothing Tiny Rose purse at the hauntingly beautiful Lefler Mill. all i can really say is thank you very much Rhiannon. your outfit is perfect, i love your dress, and you wore platforms in a stony creek! much xo. and thank you also to the sometimes mysterious Drew behind the camera too!

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Queen Michelle of KOS worked her twilight magic and some kittenish charms too with my SWANclothing Fringe Corset dress for Dark Swan. and i love it. the black swan image and night sky are also from the KOS site. much thanks Queen Michelle for the beautiful pictures. though SWANclothing is sweet it is always only half-sweet.

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i can’t do it very often but sometimes i just send things out into the world. i actually wish i could do that all the time. Rhiannon of liebemarlene vintage commented that she liked the Tiny Rose purse in my Flickr stream and i thought it was such a perfect match. Rhiannon wore it on a 4th of July visit to see her family in Tennessee. here she is with her sister Lauren.

i love the photos so much and her stylings and what Rhiannon said…

“The lovely Tara at SWANclothing must have known that I was getting bored of the 2 or 3 purses I carry around on a regular basis, because she offered to send me one of her new Tiny Rose purses, which I’d been eyeing. I think I’ve used mine about every single day since it came in the mail—small cross-body bags are just perfect for summertime anyway, but this one is especially nice and light. The denim fabric gives an edge to my a lot of times too cutesy outfits in the same way that a denim jacket does—I was actually tempted to wear a jean jacket with this dress, but it would have been way too hot and I would have gotten teased, and, besides, the Tiny Rose really gives the dress the same sort of feeling.”

much thanks Rhiannon :) and also Drew! for the photos.

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i am so grateful for the beautiful photos you send me with your SWAN bags or clothing. this is from Elle S’Ennuie of A Mouse Upon the Sands.

From blog entry “Where ends and beginnings meet“.

Much xo and thank you Elle S’Ennuie. Your land sure is pretty.

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back to the happy things! the lovely Anabela of Fieldguided blogged her newly arrived SWANclothing Rose Quilted XL Louche tote. i really love how she wore heidi braids that echo the braided Louche handle.

photos from Fieldguided.

i’ve mentioned Anabela’s handmade ties before. and i think there are some bowties coming down the line. exciting! and i’m holding back on putting multiple exclamation points there. you can see a prototype in this this Fieldguided blog entry, just scroll down…

much xo Anabela.

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more lovely photos from Elle S’Ennuie of A Mouse Upon the Sands. taken in Estonia where she wanders the land SWANclothing Louche tote in hand.

i’m more than happy to let other people’s photos take over my blog. i’m currently working on orders and i have 2 more summery totes i’m putting up. i actually NEED to own these totes. so they are for me as much as they are for you. if you like ‘em.

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archiving for posterity [yes, a bum joke] susie bubble’s custom order Ruffle Bustle Bumbag.

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delivered personally!

remember the Louche tote i embroidered her name on… this is the one.

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click for full size.

Jennine of THE COVETED got her new SWANclothing Rose Quilted Louche. she did a sweet write-up and took some sweet pics in a sunny German forest . like i’ve said before, i just love to see where my totes travel to. thank you very much Jennine! enjoy your tote.

and just wanted to add, Jennine has been very supportive of my SWANclothing undertakings. my thanks is fully heartfelt. her blog continues to be a very clear voice in the exploding array, and sometimes disarray, of fashion blogs out there. i’m a fan, and if you aren’t yet, go be one… she also herds a flock of us fashion bloggers as IFB. a very astute fashion bloggers resource.

ok, back to making FALL ITEMS!

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