it’s probably a trick but over here it feels like winter is almost gone. I want to get in a last couple of winter posts. today, more lovely photos from Piret and her ethereal blog A Mouse Upon the Sands. Piret is sort of a regular here, i can not resist her photos of Estonia. and of course her carrying her SWANclothing Louche tote around kind of melts my heart.

all these photos are from blog entry tales of darkness and light.

next, i finally have some pics of my lovely Whitby Cowl from Tara-Lynn of yarnovermovement. i love my cowl Tara-Lynn!

and thanks for putting up with the week long store closure. i’m pretty much working around the clock sewing orders and working on spring items. my blog and store and all those other online things are like my heartbeat to me. so i hate closing my store and look forward to opening with fresh items ASAP!

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i am happy for another season to come. to make new things. to take apart old ideas and change them up just that little bit that will make someone crazy with happiness somewhere, i can only hope. you know? though i admit i am really enjoying the snow here. a lot! so spring with snow is fine too.

here are some more Susie pics. I’ll call them the pink ‘splosion Susie Bubble pics. they make me feel like i have 7-up in my brain and that is a nice thing. of course they are all sock gartery.

At the UK seashore.

At NYFW outside Rad Hourani.

At NYFW IFB Evolving Influence conference.

At NYFW IFB Evolving Influence conference.

shine on you crazy diamond. last Susie post here.

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Kingdom of Style‘s Queen Michelle in grey jersey, palest pink, polka dots and the SWANclothing thigh high garters I made for her. i’m so sleepy right now, all i can think to say is a heartfelt “thank you” for lovely photos Queen Michelle.

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whooda thunk it? with her usual clever-clever & charm, Susie layers up a dissonantly sweet rain outfit for It Won’t Rain On Me. her SWANclothing sock garters peaking through the plastic polka dotted layers…

thank you Susie for the lovely outfit photos. i am such a sucker for anything see-thru, baby blue & ballerina pink & generally amazing.

Susie’s previous SWANclothing sock garter mention…
“Drop your socks and grab something…”

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La Meow has posted so many wonderful pics recently wearing her SWANclothing sock garters. I’ll start with this one.

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from Words in Grey, 11.19.2009, blogged on A Mouse Upon The Sands.

happy 2010 everyone! what a year, very challenging [2 hand surgeries?], but lots of wonderful, & ending on a surprising and whimsical sock garter high-note. i’m really looking forward to 2010! thanks again very much to all my online friends & SWANclothing clients for making life and the internet a very interesting place.

during this past year, it was hard for me to keep up with these photos by Piret of A Mouse Upon The Sands carrying her SWANclothing Louche Tote around the heartbreakingly beautiful landscape of faraway Estonia.

here are a few previous SDR entries… , , .

i thought posting some of the rest would make a nice end-of-year entry. and do go through Piret’s blog, she has so many wonderful pics. so much thank you again Piret and thanks to all those people who keep taking such amazing photos with their SWANclothing pieces! i still find it hard to believe that something i made lives with such wonderful keepers so far away…

i love this frozen sneaker!

from Murder, she wrote, blogged 11.18.2009.

xo Piret! and here’s to a really good new year everyone. xo from me to you all.

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Nicer larger here.

Thank you for the lovely photo Sab. I fiddled with it a little. It’s so late and I am falling asleep, but want to say something witty about anyone who wants to clamber on tabletops and take garter photos shows true grit! All I could add is next time, who knows, maybe in a restaurant? A la Bardot?

As an aside… boxing day sale is a go! As in go here. And it actually lasts a week. With 15% off EVERYTHING and FREE SHIPPING on the SWANclothing sock garters too.

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i kind of knew that La Meow would sport the SWANclothing sock garters perfectly. and she really does.

what a beautiful, beautiful dress. and these are definitely my favourite pair of her shoes, they are translucent AND with bows. thank you very much La Meow for the lovely photos!

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Jaana of The door in my wardrobe posted her SWANclothing sock garters and Comme des Garçons for H&M jacket and pleated skirt outfit. I love the combination, especially with the layered ripped tights.

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new pics from lovely Jennine of the Coveted in Transitional and in between. i think her move to Chicago suits her and her wardrobe beautifully. and i’m always very happy to see her SWANclothing Louche tote being well used and transcontinently too.

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