lovely photo with SWANclothing sock garters by thePhotoZoo.

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Thank you very much for pics…
White Lightning – Topshop . Stay Fancy Free . Blog Full of Jelly . Curves To Kill – Teer Wayde . Porkchop Rules . A Fluffy Blog . annaliviaplurabelle . Mia Regine …sock garters and thigh high garters definitely have range.

And a few more recent interviews, bloggings, press…
The Globe and Mail – Lingerie too pretty to cover up . Mischief My Dear . Fashion Daydreams . inaccessory . tfs – Trend: Sock Garters by Sarah Joynt …thanks for the pixels people. That last kindly article talks about me like I am a sock garter instigator. Maybe I am?

More press gatherings- 1, 2, 3, 4 {just keep scrolling through this last one}.

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More photo love for SWANclothing summer lace sock garters! Pics from Rebecca’s “Lace For A Lady, Letters For A Spy“ blog entry on The Clothes Horse. I tweeted oh so happily about these yesterday. Something about them making my Monday, but I have to change that, they make my week and more, more, more. Thank you Rebecca. And what a beautiful title too. I need a program to randomly generate fabulous blog entry titles for me. Will someone build that please?

There are more great close-up photos of the summer lace sock garters from Rebecca too, I will post them soon.

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Rumi Tweet ‘cuz it’s sweet!

click for big. if you want. bye for now and xo.

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I recognized Rumi’s name when she ordered her thigh high garters but sometimes a girl just has to play it cool! But I was very excited that she got them. And now that I see the photos I am even more pleased.

And in Rumi’s words on fashiontoast… “light as a feather stiff as a board“.

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KOS entry: Babooshka Baby

KOS entry: Thigh High Solution

KOS entry: Native and Lace

I’ve gathered a few more of Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style‘s SWANclothing garter wearing outfits here. Thanks again Michelle for your ingenious outfits and ways of wearing the garters. You can see in the photos that they have sometimes been clipped on, sometimes just been used decoratively, or the elasticity alone used to hold up some fantastic boots. Since Queen Michelle threw a leather harness over a SWANclothing sundress I’ve been game for all her interpretations of my work. It opens my eyes and gives me ideas.

These photos feel like the last hurrah for this past winter. And time to finally, finally, finally get into spring! I’ve already done the 1st shots of some spring garters. Coming soon to a screen near you.

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Watch out for my overuse of the word lovely… Thank you lovely Anabela, the sweetly self-effacing librarian of fieldguided, for including her Latté SWANclothing sock garters in such a lovely post- “birkin inspiration, golden shoes, sock garters“. To have my sock garters paired with gold shoes definitely tickles my fancy, it’s like winning a tiny gold shoe award. View images large here.

This situation started out by my suggesting a trade for one of Anabela’s lovely ties, and it came in the mail last week! I love it. It’s embroidered “swan” on the back. I have to take photos soon. I feel kind of special.

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Pixie Market, a store i love by the way, used the SWANclothing sock garters in Ballerina Pink as an accessory for the cutest outfit. so i thought i would put it here.

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{A Jointed Swan Silhouette from Chad of Mon Petit Fantome, photo by me.}

It started like this… I asked if I could blog Chad’s image of his Jointed Swan Silhouette, because I love it. He said yes, because he is nice. Photo by Chad.

Which lead to a trade where Chad sent me the Jointed Swan Silhouette and these lovely and elegant and charming and tearful swan prints, because he is very very nice and I think he spoiled me a bit…

Photos by me.

And I sent Chad custom made SWANclothing sock garters, because I guess I am nice too. Lovely photo by Chad.

Thank you Chad!

Mon Petit Fantome on Etsy and on Big Cartel.

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I’m really behind on posting the recent pics of people with SWANclothing, more posts coming soon. Here’s the wonderful Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style doing Double Garter gartering with her SWANclothing sock garters and thigh high garters. Obviously this makes me very happy! And I’m so glad that there are many people on the planet who still love their rock and metal t-shirts, since I still consider them as “basics“ in my wardrobe, I can’t see that changing soon.

Thank you again Michelle for lovely pics!

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