i’ve always loved wrapping using what i have around. making something harmonious and oddly beautiful from paper and plastic findings is very satisfying. knowing that it will be ripped apart soon is part of its beauty. so i’m finally finding the time to do something a little more fancy for your packages starting now…

…here we have a little bouquet of plastic, bubble wrap, leftover striped tissue that i love, and some vintage wallpaper that was given to me. i have a whole roll! view larger here.

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oh, how lovely! wow i wish i could make something like that :D nice job!

Mars    25 June 09    #

it’s not that hard, you could. and thank you :)

SwanDiamondRose    26 June 09    #

lovely!! i enjoy doing things like this as well, i once made a little bird out of gold foil wire garland and left the ends long to use as wrap on a present and i knew that it would get totally undone when it got unwrapped but i didnt care it was so fun making it and when my friend saw it well the look on her face that was enough!!

elenalu    30 June 09    #

Looks great!
I love it!
Thank you.

Acaiburn    2 July 09    #

thanks both of you :)

SwanDiamondRose    5 July 09    #


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