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Jennine of THE COVETED got her new SWANclothing Rose Quilted Louche. she did a sweet write-up and took some sweet pics in a sunny German forest . like i’ve said before, i just love to see where my totes travel to. thank you very much Jennine! enjoy your tote.

and just wanted to add, Jennine has been very supportive of my SWANclothing undertakings. my thanks is fully heartfelt. her blog continues to be a very clear voice in the exploding array, and sometimes disarray, of fashion blogs out there. i’m a fan, and if you aren’t yet, go be one… she also herds a flock of us fashion bloggers as IFB. a very astute fashion bloggers resource.

ok, back to making FALL ITEMS!

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aww… thank you lady! i haven’t put the bag down since i got it… it’s so lovely.

lady coveted    29 August 08    #


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