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this entry is prompted by a comment i left on Tricia’s platform 21’s repair manifesto entry on her bits and bobbins site that i love. and is going in the rarely updated sometimes i read section of this site. i’m reading more often again, and when i read i seem to do it in bulk. [though i didn’t mention i just finished the Nikki Sixx diaries in a day… ahem. and that that’s why i ended up posting pics of Vanity!]

here’s a cut and paste of my comment on Tricia’s entry…

“i’m reading an interesting book, i guess i should blog it, called-
Good Guys & Bad Guys: BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE SAINTS AND SCOUNDRELS OF AMERICAN BUSINESS [AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN] by Joe Nocera. there is an entry called “Good Luck with that Broken Ipod”. it addresses specifically that you can’t upgrade, that you have to buy a new one, that they don’t really do repairs, that the warranties expire somewhat conveniently etc. [the book is about unexpectedly who might be the good/bad companies in the states].”

“the other book that relates to this is The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World by Lewis Hyde. i blogged it under a previous name, it has had around 3 titles. a large part of the book deals with how objects gain… meaning, spirit, history through being passed to other people, the more passing the more gain. and how when the object is altered or added to it also gains. it’s an amazing book.”

so the 3rd book that fits here is Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton and is by the same author who wrote Architecture of Happiness. it addresses our journey for affirmation through seeking success in the world. it maps out the history of this ubiquitous human need. and addresses it’s relevance and irrelevance to true happiness. [i haven’t finished this book, my summary may be lacking a little.] in a lot of ways this topic isn’t broached publicly, it’s often an internal dialogue that we need so badly to “win” over our peers, and need outside approval to feel whole. overall it’s a very reassuring, humanizing book that puts light on the topic.

one of the reasons i started my blog SwanDiamondRose and my clothing and tote line SWANclothing is because i wanted to leave the old way of doing business and be part of a new way of doing it, i wanted to do something that was the most natural extension of me that could earn me a living while staying true to me, i wanted to live my life how i want to live my life, i am interested in recycling, thrifting, longevity and quality in products, i wanted to work with my hands, and i wanted to do something fun and beautiful that had to do with beautiful objects and like minded people. i think the above books are all relevant to these quests and definitely worth a read.

p.s. thank you for the lovely photo Camilllllou!

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clever girl! i loved reading this smart blog entry. and since i love reading all kinds of things (as the photo suggests!), your insightful commentary makes me want to read these too. it also was nice to see you create a link between that and the reason you started SWANclothing… i like these kinds of stories!

Camille    6 March 09    #

A fine bundle of words!
I read the Gift and passed it on. It is pretty top notch, Status Anxiety is a bit easy, like rolling down a gentle incline, so not as great as The Gift. Since I am a Bad Guy, I dont wanna read about me…

Rodney    10 March 09    #

hey thanks you two. both brains and awesome aesthetics people that i like! i love so much if people read books because i suggested them Camille :) makes for nice brain melding. and Rodney, you know I read the gift because you had it. i think you may have given me a copy?

SwanDiamondRose    13 March 09    #


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