hmmm. i never thought to look up bo derek in menswear. but here she is looking cute. and what a funny life she had. running away at 16 to Germany with John Derek, her to be husband, so he wouldn’t get charged because of her age. she was the 3rd of his wives… first Ursula Andress, then Linda Evans. they all looked exactly alike. except each being younger than the other. imagine what fantastic new fun cloning will bring.

and Yentl, i forgot all about this Barbara Streisand film until now. and I don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing. it’s about a young woman who wants to study but being a woman at that time she isn’t allowed, so she dresses up as a boy. AND it’s a musical. i was sort of a snob about Barbara Streisand. but now i love her. i swear it’s her nails. i’m the same about Dolly Parton. that and both have a beautiful laugh and moxy galore.

this Yentl trailer is great, not sure how i mean that but i do. the love triangle is sweetly deranged.

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hehehe, all of this is sooooo vintage. Bo Derek is truly an icon and B Streisand, well an icon and a diva. Funny post :)

Fashion Limbo    26 October 09    #

i’m definitely into vintage everything. i’ve been looking for menswear and it is funny who it turns up on.

SwanDiamondRose    28 October 09    #


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