i will always love this paired down rockabilly style.

Fionn MacDiarmid from the Male Model’s Streetstyle thread on TFS.

and even though i’m not obsessed with Elvis, I am so fascinated by early photos of him and Priscilla together. all that glossy black hair, bronzed skin, eyeliner. the way they match is eerie and beautiful.

and this photo is by Jonathan Leder.

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the photo right at the bottom just made my day. awesome

Nicci    6 July 09    #

God, Priscilla was gorgeous, wasn’t she? Have you seen her lately??? Another plastic surgery casualty. Sad, sad.

liz    6 July 09    #

those old photos of elvis and priscilla are perfection i say this with respect: gawdy gorgeousness!

elenalu    6 July 09    #

love those old photos of them: gaudy gorgeousness!
spelled right this time! doh!

elenalu    6 July 09    #

hi liz, ya she has changed for sure. i’m actually really impressed with her career as a business woman. the way she turned Elvis’ estate around was incredible. and elenalu, totally, gaudy gorgeousness. i wish wish i could do my eyes properly with eyeliner.

SwanDiamondRose    13 July 09    #


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