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SwanDiamondRose: black is the new black. paint it black. back to black. back in black. or best of all just... in the black.

cliches become cliches because of excessive overuse or love. cliches are truth. and black is ground zero for fashion cliches. you can use black as a wardrobe base. or tiny ballerinas leotards. and for all manner of stealth gear- think ninjas and AK47s. you can force yourself to abandon it momentarily, explaining to friends and shopgirls that “oh my god all i wear is black, i have to wear some colour!” you can “reduce” it to funeral gear. OR workout gear! and the ONLY colour of shoes you wear [your 50 plus pairs? your army of shoes? i have such an army]. but it will never go away. sometimes there is nothing cozier, sexier, beautiful & intelligent than layer upon layer of black, covering your body and protecting it from winter and anything else you might fear. or love.

FENDI F/W 08 / ETRO F/W 08. photos clickclick for bigger pics.

and because i’m not finding perfect examples of this for women, back to menswear, again.

all JULIUS S/S 09. i 1st found Julius through Flickr friend Mafia Hunt. and these pics i think originate from

you know all i really care about is that i can wear piles of black again and not be looked at like some morbid pretentious freak.

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The French edition of Vogue also tells me that black make-up is in…

Bonne soirée!

Mademoiselle M.

Mademoiselle M.    5 August 08    #

nice ;)

SwanDiamondRose    7 August 08    #

i love black

Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute    9 August 08    #

I’ve been on a black kick this week too. Givenchy’s gotta be my fave for all black looks. No messing around there. ;) This post is adorably funny btw.

Shay    12 August 08    #


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