cliches become cliches because of excessive overuse or love. cliches are truth. and black is ground zero for fashion cliches. you can use black as a wardrobe base. or tiny ballerinas leotards. and for all manner of stealth gear- think ninjas and AK47s. you can force yourself to abandon it momentarily, explaining to friends and shopgirls that “oh my god all i wear is black, i have to wear some colour!” you can “reduce” it to funeral gear. OR workout gear! and the ONLY colour of shoes you wear [your 50 plus pairs? your army of shoes? i have such an army]. but it will never go away. sometimes there is nothing cozier, sexier, beautiful & intelligent than layer upon layer of black, covering your body and protecting it from winter and anything else you might fear. or love.

FENDI F/W 08 / ETRO F/W 08. photos clickclick for bigger pics.

and because i’m not finding perfect examples of this for women, back to menswear, again.

all JULIUS S/S 09. i 1st found Julius through Flickr friend Mafia Hunt. and these pics i think originate from

you know all i really care about is that i can wear piles of black again and not be looked at like some morbid pretentious freak.

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The French edition of Vogue also tells me that black make-up is in…

Bonne soirée!

Mademoiselle M.

Mademoiselle M.    5 August 08    #

nice ;)

SwanDiamondRose    7 August 08    #

i love black

Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute    9 August 08    #

I’ve been on a black kick this week too. Givenchy’s gotta be my fave for all black looks. No messing around there. ;) This post is adorably funny btw.

Shay    12 August 08    #


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