{A Jointed Swan Silhouette from Chad of Mon Petit Fantome, photo by me.}

It started like this… I asked if I could blog Chad’s image of his Jointed Swan Silhouette, because I love it. He said yes, because he is nice. Photo by Chad.

Which lead to a trade where Chad sent me the Jointed Swan Silhouette and these lovely and elegant and charming and tearful swan prints, because he is very very nice and I think he spoiled me a bit…

Photos by me.

And I sent Chad custom made SWANclothing sock garters, because I guess I am nice too. Lovely photo by Chad.

Thank you Chad!

Mon Petit Fantome on Etsy and on Big Cartel.

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Aw! I love these! Especially those prints. So pretty!

Eline    3 April 10    #

Your swan sock garters are too too cute!

Ashley    3 April 10    #

hi Eline! Chad’s work is really hard to not like. it’s all sad and mysterious and lovely.

much thanks Ashley!

SwanDiamondRose    5 April 10    #


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