i needed some fabric and also some clothing to style the shoot next week with my 1st batch of spring totes. so i went to the thrift store and got a bit lucky. i was sort of surprised. but then of course i forgot the most important thing! like i always seem to do these days. and have to go back! always nice to have an excuse… these photos are a bit dark, i’m still getting a handle on my newish camera, and using natural light again. AND i have also fallen under the spell of soft filmy photos it seems. and endless romantic everything. too funny.

.80s pale blue Calvin Klein jeans. realllllly long, just how i like them.
.shell bracelet. i am shell obsessed right now.
.60s? 70s? popcorn crochet purse. wow!
.vintage, but dunno what decade, lace blouse. double wow. scalloped hem and puff shoulders and teeny tiny pearlized button in back.

i also found some very faded Levis boyfriend type jeans, but when i photographed them they looked like acid wash, which i’m not in the mood for right now.

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dreamy pieces!

eyeliah    25 March 10    #

I used to carry a twin of that bag in red! I still have a white one around here…somewhere…

andrea    25 March 10    #

Oh man, you were lucky! And everything goes together so well. So springy.

Anabela    26 March 10    #

hi all :)

Eyeliah, it’s funny they look nice together in the photo but actually make the oddest outfit if i try to wear them together. hehe

hey Andrea, cool! ya it’s sort of ubiquitous? makes me think of those plastic bubble covered purses too.

hey Anabela- crazy huh? maybe i should go back more often.

SwanDiamondRose    26 March 10    #


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