don’t ask to explain! though i probably will. but i am now back on the west coast. my life is emphatically and unexpectedly about sock garters these days and i had to do whatever i could to take care of SWANclothing as best i could. so here i am. there are some other rather annoying reasons why i am back on the west coast but at the moment all i see is blue sky and sushi!

my temporary view… suburbs you say? not quite but almost!

some random nearby niceties…

soon i’ll have a new yet old victorian pad. i look forward to that. i sort of feel like a sewing hobo. my situation is so mobile that sometimes i wonder if i should just keep going. hmmm.

i also wanted to say a huge thank you to the clients who waited extra time for their orders while i moved back here. the sweetness of you all out there continues to blow me away. and if i don’t answer all your kind notes that come in with your orders {i try to!} i just wanted to say thank you amazing people you make me so very happy!!!

i have some new designs coming and as promised totes….. orders always do come first but i really want to share these new designs with you.

ok, much {big!} xo to you all. sorry for lack of blogging, apart from endless sock garterizms, i’ll be around a bit more now.

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Rumi Tweet ‘cuz it’s sweet!

click for big. if you want. bye for now and xo.

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I recognized Rumi’s name when she ordered her thigh high garters but sometimes a girl just has to play it cool! But I was very excited that she got them. And now that I see the photos I am even more pleased.

And in Rumi’s words on fashiontoast… “light as a feather stiff as a board“.

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Alo! I’ve been a bit quiet out here. I have to blog this before it is too late… a SWANclothing summer lace sock garter giveaway through Westervin. I really like Sarah’s blog and she sweetly inquired a bit about me too…

So why did you choose to name your company SWANclothing?
I think my company may be full of contradictions. The swan reference is one of them. A favorite movie of mine since I was a little girl is Phantom of the Paradise. It’s a really dark, kitsch 70s rock opera by Brian DePalma based on the story of Faust. It’s not soft and romantic or very swan-ish at all. Swan is a character. I really wanted my name to be Swan.

Read more if you like and comment {etc} for your choice of summer lace sock garters. Bye for now!

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{Click image to enlarge.}

People kept asking me where to get the tights I used in my SWANclothing sock garter shoots. Some I bought and some I made. It’s easy!

SWANclothing sock garters available in my store.

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My little spring sale for just one week, Free Shipping on all sock garters in my SWANclothing store. Just a hello from my new SWANclothing summer lace sock garters.

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Leg giggles for sweet summer dressing. They’re light and lace and vegan too. A new little pile of SWANclothing sock garters in light as air colour combinations. To launch them I’m offering Free Shipping for 1 week on all sock garters in my SWANclothing store.

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KOS entry: Babooshka Baby

KOS entry: Thigh High Solution

KOS entry: Native and Lace

I’ve gathered a few more of Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style‘s SWANclothing garter wearing outfits here. Thanks again Michelle for your ingenious outfits and ways of wearing the garters. You can see in the photos that they have sometimes been clipped on, sometimes just been used decoratively, or the elasticity alone used to hold up some fantastic boots. Since Queen Michelle threw a leather harness over a SWANclothing sundress I’ve been game for all her interpretations of my work. It opens my eyes and gives me ideas.

These photos feel like the last hurrah for this past winter. And time to finally, finally, finally get into spring! I’ve already done the 1st shots of some spring garters. Coming soon to a screen near you.

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SWANclothing sock garters in Time Out New York. Issue 751 : Feb 18–24, 2010. In “Shopping: Our Obsessions“. Nice to be an obsession. Funny to see my legs all over the place. Thank you Time Out.

And the online version…

View images large here. And I forgot to say thank you to my friend Mark for sending me a copy of the issue. Thank you Mark!

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