from Words in Grey, 11.19.2009, blogged on A Mouse Upon The Sands.

happy 2010 everyone! what a year, very challenging [2 hand surgeries?], but lots of wonderful, & ending on a surprising and whimsical sock garter high-note. i’m really looking forward to 2010! thanks again very much to all my online friends & SWANclothing clients for making life and the internet a very interesting place.

during this past year, it was hard for me to keep up with these photos by Piret of A Mouse Upon The Sands carrying her SWANclothing Louche Tote around the heartbreakingly beautiful landscape of faraway Estonia.

here are a few previous SDR entries… , , .

i thought posting some of the rest would make a nice end-of-year entry. and do go through Piret’s blog, she has so many wonderful pics. so much thank you again Piret and thanks to all those people who keep taking such amazing photos with their SWANclothing pieces! i still find it hard to believe that something i made lives with such wonderful keepers so far away…

i love this frozen sneaker!

from Murder, she wrote, blogged 11.18.2009.

xo Piret! and here’s to a really good new year everyone. xo from me to you all.

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Thank you! And a very happy new year! :)
The Louche is taking a handle-cleaning break today :D

elle s'ennuie    4 January 10    #

these are such beautiful photos! estonia is such an interesting country.. wow.

jennine    4 January 10    #

These are such lovely photos! I esp. love the next to last one with the snail! Happy 2010! xo, Mel

Wrecked Stellar    6 January 10    #

Thank you for posting the beautiful photos. My eyes got really big more than once looking at them. Very nice.

enc    7 January 10    #

hey all! happy new year :)

elle s’ennuie- aw :)

jennine- i agree completely!

Wrecked Stellar- Piret’s nature photos are really lovely. you really need to check out her blog.

and enc- you are the sweetness :)

SwanDiamondRose    9 January 10    #

i’ve loved that bag for so long! and these shots are amazing, too! they all fit together so nicely – like a perfectly orchestrated shoot for a SwanClothing lookbook :)

softspoken    15 January 10    #

softspoken. wow, thank you.

SwanDiamondRose    22 January 10    #


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